Questions and Answers

Here we’ll attempt to answer common questions about Phoenotopia. Have another question that you’d like to see answered? Don’t hesitate to reach us at:
phoenotopia (at) gmail (dot) com

Q: How is “Phoenotopia” pronounced?
It’s pronounced like “Fee-no-tō-pē-ə”. The first half “phoeno” draws from the word “phoenix” and the last half, “topia”, draws from the word “utopia”.

Q: I’m having difficulty with the game. Any tips?
A recent patch went out (v1.0.5) that has given the game accessibility options. It may be just the edge you need! If you don’t have version 1.0.5 of the game, you may need to manually trigger the update (from the HOME menu, press + and then select “software update”).

In addition, Pimez, a community manager of the Phoenotopia subreddit has compiled a huge mega-thread of helpful resources. Do give it a look!

Q: On what platforms can I play Phoenotopia: Awakening?
The game is currently available on Switch in USA, Mexico, and Canada. It’s also available on Switch in Europe, Middle East & Africa territories plus Australia and New Zealand. (see Nintendo territories here).

Q: Is multilingual support planned? What about PC, Xbox, and Playstation? 
We’re unable to give a good time frame on multilingual support since it’s all uncharted territory for us. The game’s script size is 100,000+ words. We just know it’ll take some time. A Japanese release is in the works. We’ll announce other languages in the works shortly.

Regarding other platforms, we are aiming to reach PC/Steam by the end of the year… but we can’t make any promises. We’ll move as fast as we can. As for Xbox and Playstation, that’s further down the road beyond even the PC version, but we are interested!

Q: I’ve discovered a bug. What should I do?
Nobody likes a snitch! … Just kidding! We appreciate if you could email all bug reports to: phoenotopia (at) gmail (dot) com

We’re tracking all bugs/versioning info at this SPREADSHEET. Do give it a look before reporting, since we may be tracking it already.

It would help us if you can include as much detail as possible. What’s the nature of the bug? What were you doing before it happened? Etc, etc. Include pictures and video if you possible.

Q: I hear tale of another “Phoenotopia”?
“Phoenotopia: Awakening” is, in fact, the second game in the Phoenotopia universe. Six years ago, we debuted on Newgrounds a Flash version of the game called “Phoenotopia.” The original version can be considered a rough outline, whereas Phoenotopia: Awakening is the full embodiment of the game’s vision. See this picture comparison:

Phoenotopia: Awakening’s improvements over the original extend beyond graphical. Its game world is over three times bigger. New songs have been added with many returning ones improved. Combat has been revamped to play and feel better. The script has been completely rewritten, there’s a new ending, and much more!

Q: Was there a development blog for the game?
Yes! You can find it here:

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