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Here we’ll attempt to answer common questions about Phoenotopia. Have another question that you’d like to see answered? Don’t hesitate to reach us at:
phoenotopia (at) gmail (dot) com

(page last updated: 2021, October 5th)
Q: How is “Phoenotopia” pronounced?
It’s pronounced like “Fee-no-tō-pē-ə”. The first half “phoeno” draws from the word “phoenix” and the last half, “topia”, draws from the word “utopia”.

Q: Is this game right for me?
The game’s difficulty has been the subject of much scrutiny. We’ve heard your feedback, and as of patch (v1.0.5), the game now supports accessibility options that allow you to tweak the difficulty more to your liking!

The best way to check if the game is right for you is to simply try it out yourself! There’s a free demo of the first chapter up on the Steam Page. Check it out here!

Pimez, a community manager of the Phoenotopia subreddit has also compiled a huge mega-thread of helpful resources. Do give it a look!

Q: On what platforms can I play Phoenotopia: Awakening?
The game is currently available on Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox, Steam, GOG, and Stove.

Wish-list it on STEAM here!

Q: Is there multilingual support?
Yes! The game supports English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, and Korean.

Q: Where should I post my suggestions and bug-reports?
The most direct way is to contact us is through email : phoenotopia (at) gmail (dot) com.

Posting in the communities (listed below) is also recommended! This way, not only can we hear what other players think about your suggestion, they may also inform you about similar reports which we have been keeping track of in the spreadsheets. Though, you might want to avoid browsing them before completing the game yourself (for spoiler reasons).


For useful resources, such as the Gameplay FAQ and compendium, check out the Mega Thread (!

Q: I hear tale of another “Phoenotopia”?
“Phoenotopia: Awakening” is, in fact, the second game in the Phoenotopia universe. Six years ago, we debuted on Newgrounds a Flash version of the game called “Phoenotopia.” The original version can be considered a rough outline, whereas Phoenotopia: Awakening is the full embodiment of the game’s vision. See this picture comparison:

Phoenotopia: Awakening’s improvements over the original extend beyond graphical. Its game world is over three times bigger. New songs have been added with many returning ones improved. Combat has been revamped to play and feel better. The script has been completely rewritten, there’s a new ending, and much more!

Q: Was there a development blog for the game?
Yes! You can find it here:

With the post-launch development of Phoenotopia: Awakening coming closer to an end, there will likely be just a couple more blogs about this game. That being said, if we ever decide to continue expanding the Phoenotopia universe, this blog will be the most official source of information. Thank you to each and every fan that stuck with us up until now!

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