Join Gail, a simple villager, who must heed the call for adventure when a great starship appears in the night sky and abducts all the adults. As the new oldest member of her fragmented community, she must set out to solve this great mystery. Little does she know of the grand adventure before her, the evil lurking in the shadows, and the role she will play in the fight for Earth’s very existence!

Armor Up!

Towns and villages serve as important hubs to rest up and equip Gail with stronger gear and essential healing items. Engage with a lively cast of NPCs to survey the land and find clues behind the mysterious abduction.

Brave the Dungeons

Explore ancient sunlit temples, forlorn ruins, sky-scraping towers, and more on your quest for the villagers. Solve the puzzles within using the variety of tools you’ll find along the way.

Fight Foes

Club the pillaging bandits, bomb the burrowing sand drakes, snipe the flying evil eyes, and run from the hulking metal golem. The world of Phoenotopia, while beautiful, teems with danger. Caution is advised.

Phoenotopia : Awakening is a 2D Action RPG and Adventure game following in the footsteps of classic series such as Cave Story and the Legend of Zelda. Play it on PC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, or Xbox!

Hear the majestic world of music envisioned by genius composer sillythewilly. Phoenotopia Awakening features overs 60 songs, ranging from soothing small town melodies to heart-pumping battle scores!

Buy Phoenotopia: Awakening on Switch, Playstation, Xbox, or PC!

We have also partnered with Premium Edition Games to offer physical editions of Phoenotopia: Awakening for Nintendo Switch! The pre-order window is open and set to end on December 16th. This is a limited print run and Retro Editions have already sold out! However, the Standard Edition is up for grabs!

Visit Premium Edition Game’s website for more info!

Find out what critics are saying

Phoenotopia: Awakening is a thoughtful, coherent game which, if you click with it, doesn’t lose a step. A marvellous surprise (9/10)

Nintendo Life

…its immersiveness and gameplay variety combine to make Phoenotopia Awakening an absolute masterpiece. (5/5)

Metroidvania Review

Phoenotopia Awakening is an absolute triumph on the Nintendo Switch (92/100)


Phoenotopia is a AAA experience wrapped in a pixelated indie package. (9/10)


It’s an aesthetically pleasing, unforgivingly mean, but an altogether lovingly assembled experience (80/100)


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